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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Out and About in Acadia

Each day we got out and explored the area. My very favorite area was Somes Sound. This Sound is gorgeous. The area was so peaceful and serene. The most beautiful of all the areas we visited for me. Partly because there was NO ONE in the area, at all. We did the scenic drive that we were the only ones on the road. It was just totally awesome.


These few pictures do not even come close to doing it justice.

Thunder Hole...the tide was not very strong coming in today so it was not so thunderous. But still very beautiful to watch the waves roll in over the rocky shoreline.

Bass Harbor Light is managed by the Coast Guard. There is an actual family living there. I would have loved that assignment, I mean how cool. They had children too. Course I am not sure how I would feel about it in the winter and I would probably grown tired of the tourist being on my front lawn all the time, so maybe not so much I would love it but I think I would like it!!!

 We took the trail around to see the lighthouse from the treacherous side before going to the walking path to it. Quite obvious why it's still a working light, the rocks could do some heavy duty damage if you tried to come ashore here.

 Panoramic of the lighthouse trail view.

Random hiking or walking the numerous trails was also fun and rarely did we encounter more than a couple of other people. It was always quiet and peaceful and clean, the area was very clean everywhere we went. No litter along the roads either. It was really incredible here!

Cooksey Point was a random find as we made a turn down an interesting looking road that had really pretty homes on it! We were actually on our way back to camp. Glad we found it. Got a little nervous when we saw all the signs warning us of poison ivy on the trail and to be very careful...

Cadillac Mountain, which is a must see in Acadia offered a great view of the entire area. However, it was crowded with lots of other guest. There was a tourist shop at the top which caught me off guard. And honestly, it kind of spoiled the whole nature feel for me. The shop was near the restroom facilities and it was packed. It sold basic snacks and drinks but it was also fully stocked with all touristy paraphernalia in it and it was just a little turn off for me. Oh well!
 One of the awesome view on the way up the mountain...that's Eagle Lake in background.

We plan to go up the mountain again for a sunrise. So far we have been thrilled with the cool temps but not so much with the early morning rain and fog which aren't a bad thing just not conducive for watching the sunrise on the mountain. Cadillac Mountain is the first place the sun hits in the USA when it rises. It's a must do! The sun rises EARLY, like very early as in like 4:45 A.M. Yes, yes, I know, that's EARLY!!!! Plus we were told you really need to be at the top at least 20-30 minutes before sunrise to have the best experience and see the real beauty of the colors as the sun as it comes up. Uh, okay, so that's 4:15 A.M. It's about a 40-45 minute drive from our campsite. Are you following me on this? That means we need to have a 3:30 A.M. departure time from our camp...which makes it a 3:10 A.M. wake up time. Oh my, my, holy cow, THAT is early in no matter who you are!!! I did mention how early this is, right? YIKES!! Stay tuned for THAT post!

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