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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Detained...TWO days in a row!

Looks like we fit a profile...not once but TWICE we were detained at the US Port of Entry after trekking into Canada. Day one we went over to Campobello Island and saw two lighthouses, had lunch and returned. After a "please pull to the left, exit your vehicle, leave it unlocked and come inside so we can visit a bit" we spent nearly 45 minutes answering questions. It was a bit unnerving.

Where are you from? (Missouri)
Do you have any weapons? (No)
What was your business in Canada? (Seeing lighthouses and having lunch)
Do you have any alcohol? (No)
Do you have any tobacco? (No)
What did you do while you where in Canada? (Had lunch and saw two lighthouses)
Do you have any citrus fruit? (No)
Do you have any flowering plants (No)
Where are you staying? (Our RV is in Ellsworth, ME, we are traveling full time right now)
Did you buy anything in Canada? (Lunch)
Where you in the military? (No)

On and on and repeating some of the questions, then after the vehicle inspection and finding that the "things on top" were a surfboard and a SUP, which they figured out after they saw the paddle in the car they came in a said thanks and have a nice trip.

Next day we crossed at Fort Kent, Maine took a ride through the countryside being sure to cross into the Province of Quebec (and I do mean COUNTRYside-think logging roads!) and then we crossed back over at Bridgewater, Maine where we were once again asked to pull into the parking lot, exit the vehicle and enter the building.

Where are you from? (Missouri)
Where do you work? (I don't)
Have you ever worked? (Yes, Oklahoma City for the DOC)
What did you do while in Canada? (Drove through the countryside)
Did you purchase anything in Canada? (No)

And then after searching the car for a second time in less then 24 hours, answering a few questions for the third time we were finally on our way. Thankfully, there was not a full body or cavity search, I think I would have lost it. We are NOT terrorist, we are NOT drug smugglers, we are NOT anything EXCEPT travelers just making a few points of interest and getting our passport stamped!

Lord have mercy! I am thankful those CBP agents take their job seriously, I just hope they are as thorough with those who truly should be detained. So we are heading south tomorrow! Back to MASS!


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