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Friday, June 13, 2014

Bar Harbor

Neat little town...much to do, lots of shopping for sure and lobster served everywhere!

We indulged and had the WHOLE thing! It was wonderful, loved it, loved the tail the most! Overall, I think it great, but I think it's too much work. I like it lots but getting the entire lobster definitely makes you work for your food! Think I will stick with lobster rolls, or just get the rail next time. Again, it was awesome good. There was also a wonderful piece of blueberry pie that was delicious. Not a fancy place but the West Street Café was good to us!!

 We also spent some time in town shopping for a few take homes. Finding some T-shirts and a few edible things to deliver to the Omaha kids and the MO crew. It was fun to wander in and out of the shops which had everything you can imagine to offer. Lot of local artisans and some unusual as well as very unique items. 

While in Bar Harbor one evening we also took a walk out to Bar Island. This is the little island that is reachable by foot only during low tide. Fun ! Some people were brave (or not so smart) enough to drive out on the "land bridge" otherwise known as a sand bar. Not me for sure, but the walk was fun. Had we not been losing daylight and hungry we might have done the hike around the island. But after a full day of sightseeing we were ready to head back to camp for steaks on the grill and a little time around the fire pit!

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