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Friday, June 27, 2014


Two pretty full days and we barely scratched the surface.

Day one was cool and cloudy which was nice, day two sunny and warmer which was nice!

Biking was THE way to go!

 Well, it was on the LakeShore trail. Rush hour traffic was a bit hairy!

We biked the Lake Shore Trail from the Navy Pier to Wrigley Field. Funny thing is the sun was shining at Wrigley and they were getting ready for a game! It was a great ride, I am so glad we had the bikes.

 Go Cubbies!

Then on to the Willis Tower which is more famously known by the name Sears Tower is what brought us back the second day. Our first trip in we were supposed to go up in the tower, which is the tallest building in the Western hemisphere at 1450 feet...but it was cloudy and foggy. We kept checking back in hoping it would clear but it did not. Second trip in and it was pretty nice out so we headed straight for the tower. Well, after searching out parking. Parking is not good in this town. It's expensive and hard to find and then when you do find it they may be full or not take your type vehicle (especially when you have bikes on the back and a surfboard/SUP on the top)

Those clouds were the view!

Since we struck out with getting into the SkyDeck at Willis Tower went ahead and enjoyed some "pie" as they call it here. Deep dish and layered. It was tasty, the crust was not like any other pizza crust I have ever had. It was more like a bakery crust. I think I prefer what I know as "normal" pizza crust and thin and crispy works great for me! My half had artichoke and BACON, MiRV had beef and tomatoes on his half.

There was a Sprinkles stop in there too! So exciting that we finally got to visit them on a "special" day...BOGO! Lemon blueberry was a new flavor for me and it did NOT disappoint! MiRV stuck with chocolate! You know that meant we walked away with a strawberry and a coconut for breakfast tomorrow! I biked a long way today so that should even out right?

 This was a really cool building!

Day two we went straight to the Willis Tower!

Clear skies and very little wait time and we were up, 1653 feet up. The elevator ride was WILD; we traveled 1800 feet per second. It WAS an amazing view and we got a great look at the layout of the city and beyond. They say you can see Indiana and Michigan as well as Wisconsin from the deck. It was neat!

I was sad to find that Buckingham fountain was surrounded by barricades due to the fact there was an international triathlon going on the next day, in fact there were lots of extra fencing and road blockage due to this upcoming event.

The bean or cloud gate was on our list so we found that, it was something and evidently lots of other folks had it on their list cause it was packed!

Since we saw Wrigley we rounded it out by seeing Soldier Field. I didn't know it was "dedicated to the men and women of the Armed Forces" Coolio, huh!

MiRV at Soldier Field

The traffic in Chicago is steady and often times heavy, I am glad I don't have to navigate that everyday as it was a bit unnerving at times. Our two trips in we timed in the less congested time and going back to the RV we did the same and one evening took the alternate scenic route on Lake Shore and saw amazing homes on Lake Michigan and we also found a lighthouse!

The BONUS on our drive NOT on the interstate back to the RV was happening by a lighthouse!

Grosse Point Light Station

And the Bahi temple we also just happened by it as well!


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