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Friday, June 20, 2014

Hall of Fame x2

As we left Massachusetts, MiRV sees a sign for the Basketball Hall of Fame…I know right away we are getting off. I am googling as fast as I can to make sure they can accommodate us. Looks like it’s a go for taking in this venue in Springfield, MA.

We make our way off the interstate, find a closed ramp, re negotiate, end up on the wrong end of the parking lot, visit with security where we are re-directed to park in the “longer vehicle” area which is far from RV friendly. Think narrow one way tree lined street…yeah…but we park as close to the curb as we can without scratching the rig and head in.

FREE for military, yep, I like it already.

It was neat to see though had it not been pretty much on our route it would not be a destination stop for me AND I like basketball!

 I'm thinking a job in the NBA will not work out...

The hand dryers in the bathroom were kind of cool!!!

Next stop Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown, NY!

We park the rig at Wal-Mart in Herkimer, then make our way to Cooperstown. It’s a winding country road and I am again glad we left the rig and ventured off in the CRV. The drive was scenic and along a lake, very rural too but not my type of RV driving! 

Upon arrival it’s obvious the entire town supports the BBHoF, it’s a theme throughout and pretty neat. I would make this a destination if you are a baseball fan at all. The venue is very well done and extremely historic. I enjoyed it very much. Baseball is definitely a part of our American history.

Batter up!


 Go Red Birds!!!!

Did I mention FREE for military? Yep, again! Thank you for honoring not only the active duty but also retirees and dependents with your complimentary admission BBHoF! We enjoyed our visit with you!!!

 There were some outdoor sculptures that were neat to see, too!

BONUS: There was a lighthouse down by the lake...

And they had their own "field of dreams"


Awesome day of hall of faming! 
Good night! It's been a long day and so far Campground Wally isn't the quietest...

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