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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Maine - Day 1 & 2

We arrived in Portland on Monday, parked the RV at Cabela's and hit the road to check out the lighthouses in the immediate vicinity. The oldest lighthouse in the state was really neat (and nearby) at a great park, which had we had been earlier it would have been a perfect picnic area! Here they do not refer to them so much at lighthouses but rather "Heads". No matter, we enjoy tracking them down. And I do mean tracking them down...sometimes they are no longer reachable, which could be that they are privately owned now or it is a hike in to get to it or possibly sometimes they are out in the water and not easily seen even.

Portland Light

After seeing the state's oldest light we headed on down to Cape Elizabeth to see a couple more and it just so happens we grabbed a lobster roll at the much talked up Lobster Shack. It was good. Personally, I thought the lobster was in too big of chunks and the teeny-tiny serving of coleslaw it came with made me laugh. Think the little cup you get ketchup in at McDonald's, yep that small, that's how much coleslaw came with my lobster roll. Hey, the french fries, which were crinkle cut, were hot and yummy so it's all good! Oh and about the lights's

 I think the view was better than the lobster roll but hey, it was lobster and I did like it!

 Cape Elizabeth Light

Tuesday, we headed on north, stopping off in Freeport the home of LL BEAN.

 MiRV with the BIG LL Bean boot!

To say we were disappointed is an understatement, this is basically a Tanger Outlet with a lot of LL Bean thrown in. They have the flagship store, then a bike store, a home goods store, a couple cafes and some other stuff I don't remember scattered around with a Wilson Leather, Corning, Nike, PacSun, you know all those stores you see at all the other outlet areas. We left with no purchases but we did grab a Starbuck's and free internet!

Our stop this night was Bangor.  We stayed in a quiet are at a Wal-Mart. And on our way there we stopped at the "map place" and saw the gigantic globe. A pretty neat little stop off and we thought it was cool to see all the European maps, several of which we own!

The map place...the globe was H.U.G.E.

Bangor allowed us to run over the the ANG base and stock up from the commissary before we head down to Acadia. It was a really nice commissary and well stocked with good prices. AAFES was small but we still managed a purchase!

It's into Acadia tomorrow with no's going to be our most rustic adventure yet!  I'm exicted :)

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